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Tess Johnson

200hr Forrest Yoga Teacher, Poppy Perinatal Yoga Training Graduate

Hello, My name is Tess, I am a level 1 qualified Forrest Yoga Teacher, I am also a Graduate of the Poppy Perinatal Yoga Training.

I first started practicing yoga initially to help manage a back injury, but soon found its benefits in helping me to reflect and process stress and emotions as well.  I was quickly drawn to the style of Forrest Yoga as a healing but also a really fun practice, and realised I had a real buzz afterwards.

Practicing Forrest Yoga has helped me to develop a greater self awareness and the knowledge to manage, prevent and reduce pain, stress and anxiety, as well as increasing my strength and flexibility.  This is a journey that I am committed to continuing.  

I love colour, (you’ll often see me in colourful leggings) but aside from yoga I love being in the garden amongst the colour of all the flowers. I also enjoy cooking and crafts, playing and snuggles with my cats (who often feature online!) and in my other job I am an Occupational Therapist.

My classes are currently based in Edinburgh and Midlothian (as restrictions allow) and online (using Zoom). I also offer private classes. I am excited to share this rejuvenating and healing practice with you!

Trainings and Workshops I have attended:
  • 200hour Forrest Yoga Foundation Teacher Training (with Sin Hee McCabe and Sandra Robinson) – March/October 2019
  • Unf**k Your Back – Balancing Hip Stability Workshop (with Jambo Truong) – June 2019
  • Scottish Yoga Conference workshops (with Finlay Wilson and Patrick Beach) – September 2019
  • Level 1 Poppy Perinatal Yoga Teacher Training (with Charlie Speller) – January 2020
  • Forrest Yoga Mentorship Program (with Catherine Allen and Heidi Sormaz) – October/November 2020
  • The Micro and Macro World of the Pelvic Floor CET (with Charlie Speller and Szilvia Campbell Bakos ) – November 2020

What is Forrest Yoga?

Forrest Yoga has been developed by Ana T. Forrest to address the physical and emotional stresses and challenges we face in our lives today, using the four pillars of Breath, Strength, Integrity, and Spirit. Not only is it a healing practice but it’s a highly fun and rejuvenating practice which gives a real buzz.

Through the varying pose sequences of a Forrest Yoga inspired practice you will learn to breathe deeply, build strength, flexibility and self-awareness, and connect in feeling with your body. There will be a focus on connecting with your core, and relaxing your neck, shoulders and hips, to help you find ease and bring aliveness to your body, so you feel revitalised. 

I believe yoga can be for everyone, it does not require strength or flexibility; only that you bring an open mind.

What is Poppy Perinatal Yoga?

The Poppy Perinatal Approach is an approach to prenatal and postnatal yoga, which has been created by Cat Allen (Forrest Yoga Guardian). It aims to help pregnant and postpartum people navigate this life changing experience and to prepare physically, emotionally and build stamina to create more physical and emotional ease during pregnancy, labour and postpartum recovery.

This is a very supportive practice, which focuses on breath, alignment, using the support of our legs, feet and core (including specialised perinatal core exercises), and helps learn to soften through intensity, to help you on and off the yoga mat during this ever ongoing journey through pregnancy and beyond. The techniques of the Poppy Perinatal approach can be applied to any birth plan or outcome.

If you have any questions or would like to ask about any of my classes, or private classes then please get in touch:


📧 info@tessbyoga.com

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